masquerade tcg

A bishounen online trading card game.
Featuring: Agatsuma Soubi x Aoyagi Ritsuka

Year End: 2016


November 24, 2016
Hi again! So after more than a year, 2016 is nearing its end (in a month and a couple of days more of course). Which means, prejoin schedules will be talked about and decided when 2017 comes. Although the site is quite ready to be launched, I still have to finish some stuff around here. I don't want to launch Masquerade with important information that are still missing (especially in the forums, yes, I haven't completed that part of the site yet). The main site is 85% complete (just my estimation), while the forum still needs a lot of overhaul. :dead: So I am wishing to finish Masquerade at the end of the year, if not, maybe a couple of months in 2017.

That being said, I'd like to list down the remaining to-do list so I have an idea what to track:
  • - Create decks (11/25 special and rare decks not included)
  • - Complete game sets
  • - Complete services page (mostly forums)
  • - Finish up the Charm Shoppe
  • - Whatever that needs to be added should be followed
By the way, I haven't opened up a forum for admin application who wishes to help me out here in Masquerade. But if you are interested to apply for an admin position (deck makers, game masters, forum staff), then you can email me directly at!

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